20 September 2017

Cost to Canada of asbestos disease at $2.35 billion (Article RightOnCanada.ca: http://central.bcwebinc.com/%7Erightcan/?p=4051)

The annual cost of newly diagnosed mesothelioma and lung cancer due to work-related asbestos exposure is significantly higher than first thought, according to a study by the Canadian Institute for Work & Health (IWH).

According to figures provided by IWH, based on the 427 cases in 2011, the economic burden of work-related mesothelioma, broken down, includes:

  • $23.2 million in total health care costs
  • $117.8 million in productivity and output costs
  • $36.8 million in all for insurance administration costs
  • $482.3 million due to mesothelioma as an occupational disease.

Original study:


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